Doll pattern 18″ with sculpted face and body ENGLISH

Doll pattern 18″ with sculpted face and body ENGLISH


This is PDF tutorial to learn how to make Dearlittledoll Helen doll 18″ with sculpture of face and body.


Doll sculpted face and body

This is PDF tutorial to learn how to make Dearlittledoll Helen doll 18″ with sculpture of face and body.

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IMPORTANT: This pattern is compatible only for A4 format and LETTER US paper size.

You can sell the items you made from my patterns, as long as it is not for mass production in a factory or workshop.
A mention of our pattern is definitely needed.
Not allowed to reproduce the pattern & instructions in part or in full or in any other form to sell or distribute.

This PDF is intended for people who have an experience in making dolls.
Difficulty level: intermediate
It is necessary to know sewing on the machine, manual sewing and crocheting

In this listing you will find following patterns and tutorials:
doll body pattern
step by step explanation, a tutorial with 230 photos how to make a waldorf doll –
set of patterns for doll’s clothes (a dress pattern, a bloomers pattern and socks pattern)
instruction how to make doll clothes

This is doll making tutorial specialized for dolls stuffed with wool. Her face, body and feet are shaped with felting technique.
Hand and feet are attached to her from the outside of the body which makes them very flexible.
Along with doll you will receive the tutorial for mohair wig made from commercial mohair weft . With completion of this tutorial,
if you have followed instruction carefully, your doll should be able to stand and keep its balance.

Doll sculpted face and body


1. doll tricot fabric in a heavier ess elastic quality for the body
50 cm / 19,5” / wide and 50 cm / 19,5” / long
2. 500 grams of carded wool bat
3. white cotton 25 cm / 9,5” / with 30 cm / 11,5” /
4. 100 cm / 40” / tubular gauze with a width oF 5,5 cm / 2 ¼ “ /
5. 50 cm tubular gauze width of 3 cm / 1¼ “/
6. Extra-strength, tear-resistant thread for tying
7. Sewing machine thread in the color of the doll tricot fabric
8. Strong sewing thread in the color of the doll fabric for all seams sewn by hand
9. Thread for embroidering
10. Red beeswax crayon
11. red pencil

For BEGINNERS I made a video making doll head :

Video making waldorf doll head – 18″

Here you can buy a head with neck for your doll !
Waldorf doll pre made head and neck of dolls before sculpture of the face

If any question appear, I will answer them gladly, even if you are a beginner.

See more dolls that I’ve made using this pattern in my gallery

Please let me know if you have any questions!

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