Waldorf doll 18″ Waldorf puppe

Waldorf doll 18″ Waldorf puppe


Atelier Dearlittledoll handmade Sunce, an exquisite Waldorf doll from my Classic Collection, with lots of love and attention to detail. She is now available for adoption and ready to find her new home.

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Atelier Dearlittledoll handcrafted Sunce, an exquisite Waldorf doll from my Classic Collection, with lots of love and attention to detail. Sunce is not only a one-of-a-kind doll but also crafted entirely from natural materials, making her environmentally friendly. She is now available for adoption and ready to find her new home.

Sunce stands proudly at 18 inches tall, featuring straight limbs and flexible arms and legs, thanks to the stuffing of 100% pure organic wool. We meticulously needle felted her face, torso, and legs, paying attention to every detail, including her butt, ears, elbows, belly button, and knees. In addition, we used the rolling technique to stuff her arms and ensure that they retain their shape, while she requires minimal support to sit and stand.

To achieve the perfect skin tone, we used high-quality 100% cotton interlock from a traditional Swiss manufacturer. We fashioned her natural brown mohair hair into a cap and then hand-sewed it to her head, giving her a unique and elegant charm. Moreover, we embroidered her brown eyes using stranded cotton embroidery thread/floss from Anchor, making her eyes realistic and beautiful.

We sewed all the seams using Nylbond by Coats, a remarkably sturdy and tear-resistant thread that also boasts flexibility, ensuring that the doll will last for years to come.

The doll Sunce draws inspiration from the sunflower and pays homage to this beautiful flower in everything she wears. She adorns her delicate lilac dress with sunflowers, complements it with a yellow hand-knitted vest, a green knitted cap, and a crocheted bag. Naturally, she also wears sweet lingerie, including a little shirt and panties. Her feet feature handcrafted leather shoes and socks to complete her charming ensemble.

Margaret has two white-beige outfits that can be combined to create even more combinations. She has underwear (panties and a blouse with two buttons). Her white dress is adorned with beige lace and embroidery. She can wear a hand-knit cardigan over it. Her hair is tamed with a headband adorned with beautiful cotton flowers.

Lucia is a six-month-old baby who wears diapers. She has a cotton shirt, pink linen pants, hand-knitted socks, and slippers. The second outfit consists of a knitted sweater and a matching hat.

I recommend this doll for children 4+

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