Waldorf doll RITA 8″ , pocket doll, small doll, waldorf inspired


Waldorf doll RITA 8″ , pocket doll, small doll, waldorf inspired

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Immerse yourself in the delightful world of the  RITA  Waldorf Pocket Doll

meticulously crafted with premium materials. This enchanting companion invites you to embrace its plush softness, comforting warmth, and sheer delight, destined to be a treasured friend for your child.

Carefully assembled with the finest components:

Impeccable 100% cotton, sourced from high-quality single jersey in Switzerland, forms the doll’s base. Expertly crocheted, the brown-colored mohair hair adds a touch of uniqueness to the cap. Pure sheep wool, tenderly stuffed into the head and body, creates a plush and huggable feel. The doll comes with a set of pants, blouse, and dress, complemented by a snug knitted cap, while the shoes are commercially produced and not handmade.

Standing at a charming 8 inches (20 cm) tall, the Waldorf Pocket Doll boasts a one-piece body, enhancing its durability. Meticulously hand-sewn, the head securely attaches to the body, ensuring a strong bond. Crafted exclusively from new, high-quality materials, this soft and cuddly companion promises an enduring connection.

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The doll was created following my tutorial “My First Doll ”   https://dearlittledoll.com/product/my-first-doll-waldorf-doll/

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Youtube: Dearlittledoll

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    2 kg
  • Dimensions
    45 × 40 × 20 cm


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