Waldorf style doll STAR 18″


Waldorf style doll STAR 18″

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Star is a Waldorf doll from my classic collection, handcrafted by Atelier Dearlittledoll with a lot of love and attention to detail. This is an OOAK doll, made entirely from natural materials, now available for adoption!

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 Meet Star: A Handcrafted Waldorf Doll

Introduction: Discover Star, an enchanting Waldorf doll meticulously crafted with love by the skilled artisans at Atelier Dearlittledoll.

Craftsmanship and Features: Experience the artistry behind Star. Standing gracefully at 18 inches tall, each detail of her design embodies the essence of Waldorf craftsmanship. Furthermore, her intricate features capture the imagination of both children and adults alike.

Exquisite Materials: Star’s body is lovingly filled with 100% organic clean wool, offering both firmness and comfort. Crafted from high-quality 100% cotton interlock sourced from traditional Swiss production, Star’s skin boasts a warm orange hue, guaranteeing durability and softness.

Meticulous Details: Every aspect of Star’s appearance reflects the dedication of our artisans. From her meticulously sculpted face, torso, and limbs to her blonde mohair¬† hair, attention to detail is paramount. Consequently, Star exudes an aura of charm and authenticity.

Adornments and Attire: Adorned in exquisite handmade clothing, Star wears beige cotton underwear, a linen white dress with a playful apron, long silk hair scarf and unique leather shoes crafted with care.

Versatile Play: Designed for imaginative play, Star features flexible limbs that allow her to sit and stand with graceful ease. As a result, children can enjoy endless hours of creative exploration and storytelling with their new companion.

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